Connect with a volunteer
Connect with someone who has experienced a hearing journey similar to yours.

Only people who have hearing loss really know what it is like. We can help you connect with someone who had a similar hearing journey to yours, so you can ask questions and exchange experiences.



CochlearTM Baha® Connect - Bilateral
Type of hearing loss: severe mixed hearing loss on both sides

“I’ve always had problems with my ears as a child, but I could manage with my hearing aids. Until in 1992, when I had raging ear infections in both ears. I tried different hearing aids but none of them helped. The runny ears had a big and distressing impact on my life. After two years of being totally deaf, I was offered my first Baha in 1995. I received a second one in 2016. As far as I and my wife are concerned my Baha's have given me a new life of sound and confidence to live life talking with others.”


CochlearTM Baha® Connect
Type of hearing loss: single sided deafness

“I became deaf on one side after having an acoustic neuroma removed. When I decided to get a Baha, all I wanted was to be able to hear someone sat on my deaf side without having to strain my neck to hear – so round a table for dinner or at an auditorium. The Baha 5 most certainly does this and more! When people ask me what it is like to wear a Baha, my answer is always the same: “Without my Baha I have to listen, with my Baha I can hear.”


CochlearTM Baha® Connect
Type of hearing loss: single sided deafness and loss in the higher frequencies on the opposite ear.

“On the 2nd of August 2007 I lost all hearing in my left side after brain tumour surgery. It made me realise that I also had some hearing loss in my right ear. Life became difficult for me, I had to change jobs and social events were very awkward. I became the quiet one at the back of conversations, which is not who I am. Being fitted with a Baha mid 2008 changed my life. I was able to resume teaching. Life is different from what it was before I was deafened but so much better using this marvelous technology. I get on so well with it that I volunteer to help others understand how it works.”


CochlearTM Baha® Connect - Bilateral
Type of hearing loss: severe mixed hearing loss on both sides

“I first began to lose my hearing when I was 10 and suffered from chronic ear infections (CSOM). Conventional hearing aids only made my infections worse. I had repeated surgery – including 3 radical mastoidectomies. In 2001 I was fitted with my first Baha and the infections stopped. In 2009 I received my second Baha giving me bilateral hearing. Since being fitted I have been virtually free from ear infections and have had no further surgery. I have become far more outgoing in my life. My relationship with my wife has improved and my quality of life has been enhanced.”


CochlearTM Baha® Connect
Type of hearing loss: conductive hearing loss both ears

“I started losing my hearing as a child, caused by a cholesteatoma. Several operations ensued and eventually it happened in my other ear. I had over the ear hearing aids initially but was introduced to a Baha and have never looked back. My current processor is amazing and I would really like to help if anyone is considering a Baha.”

Please seek advice from your health professional about treatments for hearing loss. Outcomes may vary, and your health professional will advise you about the factors which could affect your outcome. Always read the instructions for use. Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact your local Cochlear representative for product information.
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