Bone conduction
hearing solutions

Designed with the body in mind, using your body’s natural ability to conduct sound via bone. You can try out hearing through bone conduction first with Baha Start.

Easily manage your hearing experience or stream sound to your sound processor - all from a compatible smartphone.*

In a quiet room or outside on a windy day, your sound processor automatically adjusts to different surroundings, using advanced SmartSound® IQ technology.1

Discreet and in a range of colours to help you blend in or stand out – your choice!

Two solutions. One stable foundation

Developed with over 40 years’ experience, the BI300 Implant is the strong foundation of all Cochlear Bone Conduction Hearing Implants.

The small titanium implant bonds with the bone in a process called osseointegration to become a secure and stable foundation for either the Cochlear Osia® System or Baha® System.

The Osia System

The Cochlear Osia System is our latest innovation. It’s the first active bone conduction solution from Cochlear, where the vibrating part (transducer) sits within the internal implant rather than the external sound processor, helping the signal travel more directly through the bone.


The Osia Implant is a single unit with no movement between parts. It sits hidden beneath the skin and attaches to the sound processor with a magnetic connection.

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The Baha System

The Cochlear Baha System is our trusted and well-established system. It consists of an external sound processor in a range of power levels, and an implant with two connection options to suit individual needs.

The Baha Attract System connects the sound processor to the implant via a magnet. The Baha Connect System connects the sound processor to the implant via a small abutment.

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"The Osia System has just made life easier and the advantages are so worthwhile. It’s changed my life so much for the better, and I’m really grateful for that."

Adrian, Cochlear™ Osia® System recipient

The power to hear the sounds you’re missing.

Our bone conduction hearing implants can address a wide range of hearing loss levels to help you hear better, now and in the future.

The Osia System works using technologies that are optimised to deliver more power, especially in the high frequencies, the area of sound most important for speech understanding.

The Baha System offers two head-worn sound processors, each designed for different levels of hearing loss. The Baha 6 Max is the latest and most compact sound processor but packed with power to help you hear better.

For people who need an extra boost to hear better, Cochlear offers the Baha 5 SuperPower, our most powerful sound processor.

Please talk to your hearing health professional to understand which option might be suitable for you. Our Cochlear hearing specialists are here to support you if you would like to know more about the different products.

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Jim, Cochlear Baha 5 SuperPower recipient

Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the person, it can also affect their loved ones. Hear from Jim and his wife Anne about how the Baha 5 SuperPower made a big difference to their lives.

If you would like to find out more, we will be happy to connect you with someone who has a Baha. Cochlear Volunteers can share their experience and help answer your questions.

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Try it out first with Baha Start

Before making the decision to proceed with surgery, you can try out bone conduction by wearing the Baha sound processors on a lightweight and adaptable Cochlear Baha SoundArc™.

Trying the Osia Sound Processor is not possible with the SoundArc, since the vibrating element crucial for bone conduction sits in the implant and not in the external sound processor. However, trying a Baha Sound Processor with the SoundArc can give you  a better of understanding of what to expect when hearing with the Osia System.

Watch the video to see how it works.


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* See Cochlear compatibility page

Please seek advice from your health professional about treatments for hearing loss. Outcomes may vary, and your health professional will advise you about the factors which could affect your outcome. Always read the instructions for use. Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact your local Cochlear representative for product information.

Views expressed are those of the individual. Consult your hearing health provider to determine if you are a candidate for Cochlear technology.

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